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Long time, no see!

Hello all!

So a lot has happened since my last podcast. I’ve gotten divorced, started a new relationship, gotten pregnant! I have an ultrasound tomorrow to find out what this baby I’m baking is and I thought what better than a contest!

Here’s the deal, you need to guess sex, weight and approximate birthdate. Closest person (you must get correct sex) will win a pattern of $7 or less from Ravelry! So ready to play?

My stats:

This baby originally was due Sept 27th, now it’s Sept 20th.

All 3 of my other kids were due the 27th and were born on the 1st, 8th, and 5th of the month they were due (yup, I went at 36 weeks. I know, you all hate me.)

My 1st (boy) was 7# 15oz May 1st

2nd (girl) was 8# 6oz Jan 8th

3rd (boy) was 9# 5 oz Nov 5th (although I was truly in labor on Halloween with him but since I was only 35 wks, 6 days they wouldn’t let me go.)


Leave a comment with the sex, weight and birthdate for a chance to be entered. I may consider a bonus if all info is correct!!!

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