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Gonna try this out

So I’ve been wanting to have a knitting blog, but if you’ve followed my other blog, you’ll know how often (or NOT often) I was posting to it.  And it isn’t for lack of things to write, it’s more a lack of INTERESTING things to write.  But I think if you care at all about my knitting, then you now have a place to come and check it all out.  So it will be here.

I’ve also been going back and forth thinking about starting a video blog.  I still am not sure about it.  But if ever I do, at least now I have an official place to post it!

So here goes, These are the knits in my bag…

  1. my summer mystery shawlette by Wendy Johnson
  2. Another market bag, this time in red
  3. Various other cotton items in hopes of selling a few things at our local farmers market this summer.

Things that are waiting to go into my bag

  1. Gabe wants a cool \”neckerscarf thingie\”
  2. Fulled Lopi Tote  I’ve heard really good things about this bag and I’ve got the yarns I need. Plus it should be a pretty simple summer project
  3. an owl for Arlington
  4. And this sweater with yarns from Dyeabolical

I can’t wait to share again soon.

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